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Sound familiar?

  • Do you struggle to help your clients overcome trauma and emotional pain?
  • Do you feel like you're not making a real impact on your clients' lives?
  • Are you frustrated by the lack of progress you're seeing with your current clients?
  • Are you tired of using traditional therapy methods that take months or even years to see results?
  • Are you tired of feeling stuck and unable to move forward in your own healing journey?
  • Do you ever feel like your emotional pain is holding you back from living the life you want?
  • Are you tired of feeling stuck in negative patterns of thought and behavior?
  • Are you ready to take control of your own healing and create a brighter, more fulfilling future for yourself and the lives of those around you?

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Did you know...

Emotionally unresolved traumatic memories devastate an individual over time.

It is medically proven to be a major cause of cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, lung disease, and every major illness plaguing our society.

Suicide rates have exploded nationwide because people can’t find relief from the haunting of their past and the compounded negative memories that constitute their history.

Some people live in acute trauma, while others find it impossible to trust and be in a successful, long-term, connected relationship. They seek relief from the damaging effects of constant stress and long to lead a normal life, but often can’t find a long-term solution.

Traditional therapy and counseling methods may not be enough to help them overcome
their trauma, leaving them feeling stuck and hopeless.



The Trauma Memory Solution Certification process is a new method of permanently resolving traumatic memories that are exclusive to our training.

This is the only place in the world to become certified in this life-changing process.

Whether you desire to take the certification to work with clients in a way that changes their life in one session, or you desire to apply the information for your own self-healing and to work with your family members, this certification will open your mind and heart to brand new possibilities to evolve your life and careers.

In this training, you will...

  • Learn to facilitate the TMS process virtually with clients or families to create
    dramatic shifts to core traumatic memories in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Learn how to train your clients to self-facilitate the process so they can
    successfully work on their compounded negative memories that have remained
  • Learn how transformational linguistics changes a person’s perspective and life
    by moving them from victim to creator in their life.
  • Learn how to neutralize negative beliefs associated with traumatic memories.
  • Learn how to develop “Meta Resources” to empower the future for yourself and your clients.

These skills will forever change how you see yourself and others as you learn to open the owner’s manual for your mind and master the operating system for your life.


Get inspired and learn how our work has helped others.

“Gary's work is like using the "neuralyzer"from "Men in Black" however, the neat part is
that I didn't "t have to forget what happened...I simply became neutral to them.
With this resolved pain, I am able to receive the joy and good that life has to offer
because I believe I am deserving of it.  A far cry from the worthless feelings I had
growing up.  During this work with Gary, I was in the middle of an interview process for
a management position and because I was simply open to receiving and believing, I
have increased my income by 145% in one job hop.  I felt the universe was rewarding
me for becoming the change I wanted to see in the world."

Kathy C., Texas

“Through Gary's interventions and work with me yesterday, we uncovered the meanings that I unconsciously assigned to core events and experiences and unblocked the limiting beliefs and stories that were fabricated in my head...
It was a magical experience, to say the least. If you are desirous of exploring the depths
of your being, your soul, your internal "wiring" and are truly committed to making a
lasting change in your life that will better you personally, your family, your friends,
employees, peers, and all you come in contact with, then scheduling with Gary is a must
and one you will be forever grateful for!"

Brian Moses, #2 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent in the world

“I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I personally found the
Trauma Memory Resolution Technique to be the most effective technique in diminishing
my past traumatic stress I have ever experienced after being treated by psychologists, psychiatrist, hospitals, EMDA specialists and numerous other programs and I did it in just 30 minutes.”

- Michael Robinson

“I really found the Memory Resolution Technique to be immediately impactful.  It was a relief to have resolution to negative memories that have haunted me for over twenty years.”

- Stefanie Vallarino

“Dear Gary: I can't thank you enough for releasing an old hurt that has held me back in a lot of aspects in my life. It has almost been a year now and your TMS process really dissolved a very old wound. My self-esteem has noticeably improved drastically. This is not only very big for me, but has changed my life, and now I can be more of who I am.
Thank you so much.”

- Karen Schuyler

Kansas City, MO

Why is the Trauma Memory Solution Certification for you?

The Trauma Memory Solution Certification provides an internationally recognized certification through our parent company, the Business Education Institute, a registered training
organization with the Australian government.

The skills you will learn will give you the tools to change people's lives in one session and earn
multiple word-of-mouth referrals from the results you will achieve with each client.

I am sharing the secrets of how I’ve been a successful coach for 30 years through word-of-mouth
referrals only because I get results.

The techniques contained in this training are the foundational techniques I use to achieve a
successful, sustainable coaching practice.

The bottom line for me is:

I am just one guy, and I need these skills in the hands of thousands of coaches, therapists, and psychologists, as well as people who simply want to help their children with trauma.

The degree of unresolved trauma is epidemic, and more trained facilitators are desperately needed.

Nothing is more satisfying than ending a workday after seeing multiple clients, knowing you changed people's lives today.

There will be only 20 seats available for The Trauma Memory Solution Certification for 20 committed individuals and it will sell out, so enroll now!

Training begins August 23rd, 2023

You will receive...

Course Content

  • 5 x 2 hour Zoom Live calls with Gary to cover the course curriculum
  • Training will combine lectures, demonstrations and supervised process facilitation between students.


  • E-book: "Leader Up"
  • Access to video examples of processes
  • Access to exclusive library of Podcasts

Private Facebook Group

  • Access to a private Facebook group with fellow students to share their personal and professional wins and changes


The investment for this career-changing certification is $1497.00 if enrolled and paid in full by August 16th, 2023.

After the month of August, the cost is $2997.00.

This training is offered once per year only.

If you are in the people-helping profession, you must have the skills to subconsciously resolve your client's issues, which is where sustainable change is made.

Learn to work at the root cause and have the skills to resolve the event at the root emotionally.

This Certification gives you the skills to change your client's life in one session.

Enrolling to self-apply these skills gives you amazing knowledge and changes you
never thought possible.

I always encourage parents to learn these skills as a parenting tool to help their children
resolve trauma effectively before the emotional pain becomes unmanageable.


When: Wednesday, August 9th
Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm (CST)

To learn more about this training, attend this Free Masterclass and you will:

  • Learn how the Trauma Memory solution technique works.
  • Learn how this technique was discovered and created.
  • Learn why this technique works so effectively and quickly resolves negative memories.
  • Learn the benefits of resolving traumatic memories in the context of health, treating addiction,
    relationship success, self-esteem, career success, and, most importantly, reaching a sustainable peace.
  • Learn about the intentionally recognized certificating program in more detail.

If you have questions about The Trauma Memory Solution Certification, please bring them to this event, and I will answer them LIVE on Zoom.

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About Gary De Rodriguez

Gary De Rodriguez is the CEO of Peopleistic LLC USA, an associate professor at the Business
Education Institute, a master trainer of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, an Extended DISC trainer, and a Talexes facilitator. He has coached over 30,000 people worldwide.

Known as the People Mechanic, he is recognized as an international expert in the science of human excellence. He is a published author on leadership through Bloomsbury Publishing.

He has designed effective models of psychology-based systems for relationship success, human behavior, communication, and team dynamics into an eloquent system that transforms individuals and organizational culture at lightning speed.

Training Schedule:

Class is limited to 20 students ONLY. This certification will sell out, so enroll

Enroll by August 16th, 2023 for $1497.00. After the month of August, the cost is $2997.00.

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