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Many coaches and people who want to help others desire to be as effective as possible, but often they are working at the symptom level, not at the root cause.

I have developed and utilized new NLP and HNLP processes over my 35-year career and approximately 30,000 clients that address the root cause and make profound changes for the better in others.

After a three-year break from training Certifications, I’ve chosen to begin again to train as many people as possible.

I realized I was sitting on secrets that could impact thousands of people's lives, and I’d been too busy to devote the time.

Well, I’ve realigned my priorities to put these skills in your hands so you can effectively help yourself and others re-remember the light we carry and help return yourself and others to the purpose and strength we’ve come here to live, express and pay forward.

You may be a new or established coach, a seasoned or new psychotherapist desiring to become more effective in your practice, or a concerned parent who knows you need to help your teenage children, like yesterday.

I will teach you strategies and techniques to create breakthroughs in others and how to discover and work at the root cause.

Learn to listen with a different ear for the words clients speak, which reveals what processes to use to create the breakthrough. 

This skill alone is worth its weight in gold.

The objective is to lift people up from their obstacles and help change their lives forever.

You will learn to work as a Coach with powerful techniques from NLP and HNLP, known as the science of human excellence.

You’ll learn how to shift limiting beliefs to empowered beliefs, resolve internal conflicts, change clients in a conversation, align values, and program the subconscious mind for future goals.

The list of benefits goes on and on with the skills you will master.

After completing the Coach Certification...

You will earn FOUR internationally recognized certifications

  • Virtual Coach Certification
  • HNLP Practitioner Certification
  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • Hypnosis Certification

We are one of the only organizations in the USA with the prestigious recognition of being a registered training organization with the Australian government.


These skills will forever change how you see yourself and others as you learn to open the owner’s manual for your mind and master the operating system for your life.

"Dear Gary, It has been two years since I completed the outstanding training I received from you for my Certification in Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology and certification in NLP life coaching.

My subconscious mind can dance these days easily with that of the clients. Results are rapid, and of course, this work changes the client's whole life.

I was thinking today that I had "the best trainer in the world" so with tremendous gratitude, I wanted to thank you again for your expertise, wisdom, and heart to help me bring my best work forward in service to others."

- Leslie James, Breakthrough Changes Life Coaching

Course Curriculum

Gathering critical information from your client:

  • Preparation forms
  • Detailed personal history form
  • Understanding client statements and designing the coaching strategy and interventions accordingly
  • How to design an individual sequence of techniques for client breakthrough

Hypnosis Techniques:

  • Hypnotic Language Patterns of Milton Erickson
  • Hypnotic Trance induction and techniques to break trance.
  • Hypnosis and the Inner Chamber of Healing
  • Hypnosis and the Mentor Process (Hypnotic)
  • Trance induction techniques and outros to break trance.

CLIENT Homework:

  • Blessing Ceremony (Shamanic technique)
  • Thankfulness Ceremony (Shamanic Technique)
  • Quieting the mind

Coaching NLP and HNLP Techniques:

  • Introduction to DISC. The most researched behavioral profiling tool in the market
  • Getting and maintaining rapport. (review)
  • Future Worry Resolution
  • Emotional Backtracking
  • Phobia Technique
  • Parts Integration
  • Double Timeline (The Decision Maker Process)
  • Transformational Linguistics
  • Belief Change (Healing ancestral patterns of beliefs)
  • Circle of Healing
  • Spiritual Integration Process
  • Iao Process (Shamanic Technique)
  • Spirit Detachment Process (Working with the other side)
  • Intro to Symbolic Hypnosis
  • The Inner Healer Process
  • Emotional Backtracking and Age Regression
  • Time Line Regression
  • Ancestral Time Line Regression

Who should enroll for the Virtual Coach Certification?

The certification will increase your credibility and give you a competitive edge in the coaching industry because only a few coaches are trained In these ridiculously effective breakthrough techniques.

If you're already a coach, this certification course is definitely for you.

If you want to enter a new career path and be effective right out of your initial training, you can add robust skills to create client breakthroughs that will keep word-of-mouth referrals coming in.

Think about this moment; you can learn all these techniques and strategies to create change at the root cause in a fraction of the time.

It took me 35 years to understand, develop, and innovate this system and over $50,000.00 in certification costs.

You’ll receive it all in a fraction of the time because it is now a complete system at a fraction of the cost.

This training is necessary if you want to learn how to shift and change people’s lives in as little as one session. So, take action.

If you want to learn a proven system tested in the laboratory of 30,000 clients that gets results and creates a career as an NLP/HNLP Coach and people mechanic,
then take action.

If you want a career that isn’t crumbling under the weight of inflation and ineffective training, then take action.

Impactful Results of Our Certification

"Hi Gary! I can’t believe it; I’m so excited! I did my 1st parts integration with a high-level SVP. Her decision on whether to move forward with interviews she has or stay internally at the organization was confirmed.

She also signed up for 6 more sessions!! I couldn’t wait to tell you!"

- Bonnie Negon

"Thank you for teaching me how to transform my life and for the positive impact that has had on the lives of all the thousands of people who I have now also touched as a teacher. 

♥ You are a jewel in this Universe and You inspire millions ♥
I love you Gary. Namaste"

- Kali Love

"Hi Gary, I am called to reach out. I want to thank you once again for your exceptional work. The weeks, I spent training with you transformed me in ways that are continuing to impact my life, my clients, my work.

I realized today that I've been giving most of the credit to Hypnosis all these years yet the intricate techniques I use are always based in HNLP. And they are always so transformative.

At this point I have gone "off script" with the techniques and they've morphed into my own but I know they are all based in the work I began with you. Thank you for that.

What prompted this email was two back-to-back stand-out sessions with clients this morning. Yes, that has happened many times before, but today, my mind, heart, and spirit opened up in a way that is new. I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I hope you are well throughout this massive change in our world."

- De'Anna Nunez

What’s most exciting about this program is the ongoing support you’ll receive from me.

The objective is to provide graduate team members with support and supervision as they start their careers.

Graduates must get their questions answered about processes and application, sales and strategy for new client coaching engagements after certification.



  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community group to stay updated, collaborate and connect with other students. Share insights and ask questions between our LIVE calls over Zoom
  • Audio Process of the Inner Healer
  • Perceptual Reframe Process for understanding another
  • Access to 20 one-hour library of the Concentric Podcast
  • Video on "How to Create Unconscious Rapport"

Your Investment

I’m discounting everything for you.

Special Price of $4997.00

Past Certifications I have done were priced as follows:
Coach Certification were priced at $4000.00
HNLP Practitioner Certification were priced at $3000.00
NLP Practitioner Certification was priced at $3000.00
Hypnosis Certification were priced at $900.00
Total Value = $10,900.00

This is a commitment made of more than money.

This program requires not only a financial investment but also your time, energy, and willingness to challenge your current beliefs and rebuild your confidence and transform your world from within.

I need you to be fully committed to showing up and putting in the work with me, and if you are ready to make this commitment, I guarantee that this program has the power to transform your life.

Training Schedule:

About Gary De Rodriguez

Gary De Rodriguez is the CEO of Peopleistic LLC USA, an associate professor at the Business Education Institute, a master trainer of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, an Extended DISC trainer, and a Talexes facilitator. He has coached over 11,600 people worldwide.

Known as the People Mechanic, he is recognized as an international expert in the science of human excellence. He is a published author on leadership through Bloomsbury Publishing.

He has designed effective models of psychology-based systems for relationship success, human behavior, communication, and team dynamics into an eloquent system that transforms individuals and organizational culture at lightning speed.

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